Bootcamp Clik Prepares To Bomb Hip-Hop Over 3 Months

Long time Hip-Hop staples Bootcamp Clik are preparing to release

three new albums in three months, a time frame the group has labeled ‘Def

Con 3.”

“The albums are going to drop back to back,” Dru

Ha told “We have Mark Ecko’s design team designing

all of the artwork. The next three month’s are going to be crazy.”

From April until

June, the camp will bomb fans with releases by Duckdown artists Sean Price,

who will drop Monkey Barz, a collaboration between producer 9th Wonder

and Buckshot named Chemistry and a new album, Reloaded, by

Smif N Wessun.

According to Duckdown CEO Dru Ha, Sean Price’s album is

slated to hit stores on April 26th, via Duckdown’s distribution only deal

with Koch Records and features appearances by his BCC brethren.

In May, the label

will release Chemistry, which came about after Duckdown CEO Dru Ha

buzzed 9th Wonder, inquiring about production.


reached out to 9th about six months ago,” Dru Ha told “He

told me he was a big fan and he said ‘why don’t you bring some of

the BCC down to North Carolina?’ He told us to come down and we did. I

took Buck, Tek and Steele and Sean Price. 9th actually has production on all

of their albums. When we got down there, 9th and Buck, they just linked and

it was like a good match, so they ended up doing a whole album while they were

down there.”


new album Reloaded is slated for a June and features a collaboration

between the duo and fellow Brooklynites, Dead Prez on the track “Warriors

Heart,” which was produced by Coptic Sounds.


[it’s about] the heart of a warrior, what we see as black men coming up,

how we feel we succeeded even if the masses don’t feel we are successful

in certain ways,” Tek said of the song. “We infiltrate like ‘[the

book] The Spook who Sat by the Door’ to sneak a message in. We don’t

want to be too preachy with the s**t.”

To support the albums, the BCC will announce tour dates in the

United States and various European countries to support the album.

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