Diary of a Mad Black Woman (Film)

Artist: Movie ReviewTitle: Diary of a Mad Black Woman (Film)Rating: 3 StarsReviewed by: Imani A. Dawson

Let’s face it, Black women have a right to be angry. They’re routinely

disrespected, disappointed and left heart-wrenchingly alone. Tyler Perry’s

big screen version of his very popular gospel play, Diary of a mad Black

Woman (which rang up millions for Perry’s collection plate), provides plenty

of exhaling opportunities. Despite the media hype and token appearance on

Oprah, it’s pretty clear that the movie appeals primarily to this niche


Diary has all the elements of an urban fairy tale. There is the wronged

heroine, Helen McCarter who is literally thrown out of her mansion by her

philandering husband of 18 years, the wise-cracking weed-toking matriarch

Madea who assists Helen assert her independence, played by Perry in drag and

of course, Orlando, the obligatory handsome chocolate Prince who chastely

sweeps Helen off her feet.

Alternating wildly between slapstick comedy and tear-jerking emotion, the

film’s non-linear storytelling format makes it hard to follow for folks not

familiar with Perry’s style. Christianity forms the plot’s core and

facilitates Helen and Orlando’s happy ending, so this isn’t a recommended

date movie for heathens, 5 percenters and other non-believers. However, the

feel-good, family oriented flick provides just the right amount of romance

and revenge to keep Jesus loving sisters signifying in the aisles. For two

hours at least, Black women get the happy ending they deserve.

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