Good Fortune

Artist: Airborn AudioTitle: Good FortuneRating: 2 1/2 StarsReviewed by: Max Herman

It’s been a few years since the forward-thinking trio Anti-Pop Consortium split, but until now, the critically-acclaimed Beans is the only former member who has successfully arisen from the group’s ashes. On Good Fortune (Ninja Tune) Anti-Pop’s other ex-reps, M Sayyid and High Priest, finally emerge, reintroducing themselves as Airborn Audio. But they do so with a mostly lackluster debut.

In the album’s liner notes, M Sayyid shares with High Priest that he’s, “glad we took our time and didn’t rush sh*t.” These two obviously aren’t trying to play catch-up with Beans, which is partially a good thing. But while Airborn Audio did take their time with this album, it doesn’t always show. For the most part they drop so-so braggadocio raps and modern yet simple synth-driven beats that often lack the gusto and effortless intricacy Anti-Pop fans may be used to. This isn’t always the case, though, as M Sayyid and High Priest absolutely have their moments (most notably the futuristic banger “Miami/The Jungle,” the eerie minimalist cut “House of Mirrors” and the positively offbeat “My Eyes”).

Good Fortune is not a painful aural experience. Yet listening to their low-BPM production plod along can be a bit frustrating, especially knowing that these cats are capable of more. And hearing lines like “You know my shit’s gonzo / ‘cause I been through more drama than John Leguizamo” (M Sayyid On “Monday through Sunday”) doesn’t help. For a group that aims to “push the limits,” they didn’t quite meet their goal here. Some may hear this album and say, without Beans, M Sayyid and High Priest can’t make it. I say, wait until the next Airborn album to make any final judgments.

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