The Game Dropping ‘Hurricane’ Sneaker

Hip-Hop artist The


is flexing his entrepreneurial spirits and intends to release a line of sneakers

dubbed The Hurricanes.

The name comes from a moniker he often used, "Hurricane Game.”

While Game declined to disclose who the sneakers would be distributed by for

business reasons, he did state that the line would include canvas and leather


"They are dropping around Christmas," Game revealed to

"I’m comin’ with some new designs."

The Game said he’ll strive for originally with the Hurricane sneaker.

“N***s won’t be like, ‘Aw, them is fake Air Force One’s.’

I like my s**t to be legit, and I ain’t gonna make it unless I know I f**k with

it. Like, if a n***a put out some knock-off sneakers, I’m gonna be like, ‘Nah,

them knock-off Air One’s.’ And you’re [going to be like] I’m gonna

[buy] my motherf***in’ Nikes!

The sneakers are a part of Game’s broader plan to enter into the urban clothing

business in the same manner as fellow Aftermath artists Eminem, who has Shady

Clothing and 50 Cent, who has the G-Unit collection.

"I’m deciding on a name right now," Game said, comparing the new

line to Sean "P. Diddy" Combs’ popular Sean John clothing line.

Competitive by nature, Game said he expects his sneaker line to compete with

some of the more established brands, as well as more recently launched lines.

"I aint taking nothing

away from [anyone else], but the Hurricanes is about to lock it up. Watch."

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