SCRATCH::All the Way Live (DVD)

Artist: Various ArtistsTitle: SCRATCH::All the Way Live (DVD)Rating: 4 1/2 StarsReviewed by: Isis the Alchemist

The original Jazzy Jay, legendary former member of The Soulsonic Force; renowned throughout the universe for his collection of wax over 500,000 pieces strong. The X-Ecutioners, the spin-off crew (no pun intended) formed from the original X-Men founded by DJ Steve Dee. Mix Master Mike, former Beastie Boys DJ. Z-Trip, a vinyl junkie known for juggling and party rocking. This was the lineup for the SCRATCH U.S. tour. All the Way Live (Scratch Recordings/Immortal), the DVD, takes the 95% of you who’ve never been on tour behind the scenes at Los Angeles’ own House of Blues for a glimpse of these multi-talented DJs and turntablists in action. Even if you saw the Scratch show when it was in your city, sh*t, even if you were ON the tour — this is still one to watch, regardless. Comprised of concert footage intercut with behind-the-scenes shots and one-on-one interviews, plus never-before-seen glimpses into the lives and crates of these DJs, this flick lives up to its billing as “an all-star DJ spectacular”. All the Way Live breaks down the inner workings of the turntablism scene for those who give a mad f*ck; and documents live routines from Jazzy Jay, the X-Ecutioners, Z-Trip and Mix Master Mike for those who just want some action on the 1s and 2s. For anyone who wants to learn how to cut, scratch, juggle, party rock, or transform from the best, All the Way Live could easily be utilized as a how-to guide for your DVD player, laptop or Playstation 2 system — alongside two Technics 1200s, a pair of quality headphones, and a Rane mixer. Basically, there’s something for everyone on the DVD, except those who want to see footage from a rap concert…Sorry, B, this ain’t it. Strictly Hip-Hop from the DJ’s perspective, all the way live, real raw deal. Immortal Records & Palm Pictures dropped it, ya’ll should cop it then rock it; ’cause you just can’t stop it.

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