AHH Stray News: 50 Cent, Arrested Development, B.I.G., Wreckshop Records

50 Cent has hit a

Philadelphia, Pennsylvania auto dealer with a $1 million dollar lawsuit, claiming

the dealer used his name and likeness without permission. 50 accuses Gary Barbera

Enterprises of running ads in Philadelphia area newspapers promoting his company

with a picture of the rapper and the words “Just like 50 says!” next

to a Dodge Magnum.

Arrested Development is in the studio working on their first

worldwide release in a decade. In an interview with the San Luis Obispo Tribune,

lead group member Speech explained the reason for the group’s reunification.

“Every place we would go, fans would say, ‘You guys gotta do more music.

You stopped too early,’” Speech said. “The fans really inspired

us to say ‘Hey, let’s put whatever (friction) we had between us behind us."’

Arrested Development hit big with their hits “Mister Wendel” and

“Tennessee.” The group won multiple Grammy’s in 1992 and broke

up shortly after the release of their second album, Zingalamaduni, which was

released in 1995.

Los Angeles, California City Council rejected an offer to settle

the Christopher “Notorious B.I.G.” wrongful death lawsuit. In a

closed session last Wednesday (August 17) council members shot down an $18 million

dollar settlement offer. The county rejected a similar proposal before the wrongful

death lawsuit headed to the courts. A mistrial was declared in the case last

month after concluding that an LAPD detective deliberately withheld key evidence.

The city was ordered by a judge to pay lawyer fees as a result of the LAPD’s

conduct. B.I.G.’s family seeks $2.1 million in attorney fees and legal

costs. The LAPD has maintained that is has acted properly. “The murder

of Christopher Wallace was a tragedy, as is every single, senseless murder we

investigate,” said William J. Bratton, Chief of Police. “There is

no shred of credible evidence in the possession of the LAPD that David Mack

or Rafael Perez had anything to do with the murder of Christopher Wallace.”

Houston, Texas

based record label Wreckshop Records has inked a deal with Red Distribution.

The label released recordings by Fat Pat, a member of DJ Screw’s infamous

Screwed Up Click. Wreckshop released Fat Pat’s debut album Ghetto

Dreams in 1998, but the rapper was shot and killed shortly after the album

dropped. The label went on to release several posthumous albums by Fat Pat that

moved over 100,000 units, as well s released by ESG and Big Moe. For more info,

check out www.dawreckshop.com.

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