Kenneth ‘Supreme’ McGriff Sought Defense Funds From Diddy, Jay-Z

As The Inc.’s

October 24 trial date approaches for money laundering, more details are coming

out about Kenneth “Supreme” McGriff and his planned defense.

According to recently released documents, McGriff told The Inc.’s

Christopher “Gotti” Lorenzo that he would seek the assistance of

Sean “Diddy” Combs and Shawn “Jay-Z” Carter to help

fund his defense against racketeering, narcotics and murder charges.

The Federal Bureau of Prisons caught McGriff’s conversation

with Lorenzo on an Apr. 29 call from a Brooklyn, New York Federal prison stating

that he planned to send letters to both moguls, which would be delivered by

his defense team.

Lorenzo agreed this would be a good strategy since Combs and

Carter both allegedly asked about McGriff’s well being.

“I mean both of them is situated really, really well,”

McGriff said of the moguls. “Wouldn’t be nothing but peanuts to

them, if you know what I mean.”

The latest filing also claims that 50 Cent staged his shootings

for publicity purposes.

McGriff and Lorenzo spoke in detail about 50 Cent, labeling

his latest album The Massacre “garbage.”

“It’s copy cat s**t now man,” McGriff ranted.

“The cracker [Jimmy Iovine] is pimping him. He aint nothing but a motherf**king

house n**ger who set everything, set us back 150 years. Next thing he gonna

be doing is macaroni and cheese commercials.”

The brothers also referenced Irv Gotti’s possible deal

with Warner Music Group through Lyor Cohen, who as head of Island Def Jam, provided

start-up money for Murder Inc.

“I thought he [Irv] was talking to Lyor,” McGriff

asked Christopher Lorenzo.

“Yeah but that can’t happen ‘til we are clean…until

we clear Universal. And Universal’s not moving, They taking their time

because they know what they doing. They know they crippling a n**ger. They got

Ashanti out with an album, Ja out with an album, they aint doing nothing for

their next singles..the public thinks we it’s just..we over.” Christopher

Lorenzo replied.

If convicted, McGriff

faces the death penalty. Murder Inc. CEO Irv "Gotti" Lorenzo and his

brother Christopher pleaded not guilty in January to money laundering charges.

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