The Good Money EP

Artist: Move.meantTitle: The Good Money EPRating: 3 StarsReviewed by: Paine

In the late 1990’s, DJ and MC cliques out of Los Angeles like Dilated Peoples, Jurassic 5, and Ugly Duckling were the talk of the industry. Five years later, everybody is trying to climb back to that former plateau. Move.meant is a group made of MC, Champ rhyming over J. Beats’ music, while DJ Spider cuts it up. They’ve been heard in the film Crash, and now they aim for stereos in hopes of making The Good Money (Wax Paper).

Lyrically, Champ succeeds when there is a message at-hand. Though it sounds like a party-track with its up-tempo beats and swaggering delivery, “Problems” is sociological. Champ covers things from the presidency to sweatshops, to street violence. “Str8upndown” is much of the same, only with a more digestible beat. Fellow next-class Los Angeles talents Trek Life and Blest are featured on the title track’s remix. With guests and alone, this song also mentions the troubles in the world today.

When an MC is actively devoting his lyrics to social awareness, it takes some pretty good music to keep an audience engaged. By and large, J. Beats succeeds. He and Spider combine efforts on “Move On”, which all but runs away with a DJ Premier blueprint. Regardless, the song shines on the EP. Lively percussion and deft scratching holds this regard down. Being that of six songs, two are minimalist remixes, this EP doesn’t reveal as much in the music as in the lyrics.

Move.meant’s The Good Money EP is a peppy, altruistic record. With good hearts, and good music, this is offering stand apart from other woeful attempts at the same combination. Undoubtedly, the trio will continue to stay inspired. Fans of issue-influenced raps with scratch-choruses and melodic production will also be inspired by this promising EP.

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