Suge Knight Heads to Bankruptcy Court, Rap Mogul Claims He’s Broke

Death Row Records chief Marion “Suge” Knight will appear before a bankruptcy trustee today (May 5) to answer questions for creditors.

The rap mogul, who says he doesn’t own any cars or real estate, claims he has $11 in his Washington Mutual checking account as well as $25,000 worth of “personal jewelry,” $1,000 worth of clothes and $2,000 worth of furniture, New York’s Daily News reports.

Knight and Death Row filed for Chapter 11 in April to avoid a $107 million civil judgment he was ordered to pay to his ex-business associate Lydia Harris. Harris claims that she and her ex-husband, Michael Harris, helped build Death Row.

Knight’s debts – totaling $137.4 million – iinclude $11.3 million in federal income tax, $437,000 in state income tax, $9,300 to Nextel, $1,100 to Cingular Wireless and $15,000 on his Orchard Bank credit card, according to a 22-page filing.

Knight’s biggest asset is listed as $4.4 million in music publishing and copyrights but a lien has been placed on the catalog by the Internal Revenue Service.

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