Killa Season (DVD)

Artist: Cam’RonTitle: Killa Season (DVD)Rating: 2 1/2 StarsReviewed by: Brent Woodie

Cam’ron scene stealing performance as Rico in 2002’s Paid In Full showed the Harlem-bred rapper had more than what it takes for the big screen. Taking the trend of rapper-turned-actor up a notch Cam’ron makes his directorial debut with Killa Season (Diplomatic Man) to help build anticipation for his album of the same title. Starring as Flea, a baller-turned-hustler, Cam’ron produces a bang bang shoot ‘em up flick that will make viewers ask Kanye style, “how can something so bad, make me feel so good?”

This straight to DVD motion picture features all of the makings of an old blacksploitation flick; amateur acting, cliché storyline and mind boggling violence. Rather than casting established or aspiring actors, Killa Season is filled with members of Dip Set’s entourage from Juelz Santana (Bandana) to co-star Hell Rell (Hell). Due to an array of novice actors scenes are thrown off with horrid timing and half-hearted emotion. The movie also does little to push the limit with the predictable plot of a Spanish connect taking a liking to a young hustler who goes from rags to riches (i.e. Paid In Full, Scarface and Blow). There are also a couple of takes in the movie that goes beyond the call of duty from when Cam’s character Flea spits on a little girl to him handing out a golden shower (no homo) to an ass betting hater over a dice game dispute.

The irony of Killa Season is that its weakness also poses as its strength. The free spirited script and the charming over-the-top humor Dip Set is known to have entertains throughout. When real life footage is shown of a young Cam’ron and Mase playing on their high school basketball team intertwines with the scheme of the film, Cam uses the platform to throw a humorous jab at Pastor Mase’s return to gangster rap. The quirky humor continues with scenes where one of Flea’s soldiers hollers at Granny during his father’s funeral to Funkmaster Flex reference to nemesis Benzino hardships.

Let’s face it we all know Cam’ron is no Martin Scorsese, but he does manage to find another outlet to channel his creativity. Dip Set fans will not be disappointed, as this movie is sure to be a cult classic for those down for the movement.

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