Rapper Twista Planning Next Album, Acting Career

Chicago rapper Twista is hard at work on his fifth album and will be adding the role of actor to his growing list of titles.

The rapper’s new album Adrenaline Rush 2010 is due in stores on June 20.

“I was putting together a mixtape, but the label heard the music and said, ‘No we have to have an album,'” Twista told AllHipHop.com. “So now it’s gonna be an album. We do it way big in the studio.”

Twista’s reputation in the rap game has led to collaborations with the likes of Mariah Carey, Jay-Z, Kanye West, and a host of others.

“I got something coming out with Monica soon. It’s so many people I can’t just name ’em off top,” Twista said of his recent alliances. “Puffy [and I] are working on some music, me and Pharrell are working on some more music [so] I work with everybody….It’s a blessing.”

Twista is featured on the Mission Impossible III theme song “Impossible.”

In addition to his own set, the quick-tongued rapper is also in the studio with Speed Knot Mobstaz, working on their new album, and plans to begin building his acting career.

“I aint know too much about acting, but I got one of the best acting coaches,” Twista said. “I ain’t gonna reveal no secrets or nothing, [but] we gonna put it down right and you’re gonna see Twista doing it real big on the screen.”

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