Mannie Fresh, Cash Money Records Reach Settlement In Financial Dispute

Cash Money Records

has reached a settlement with former in-house producer Mannie Fresh, who left

the New Orleans based label due to a financial dispute.

"Cash Money

Records has reached an amicable agreement with former in-house producer Mannie

Fresh," Representatives Cash Money Records/Universal told

in a statement. "Per the agreement, neither party can discuss the terms."

In the latest installment

of Smack DVD titled The Album Vol. 1, Mannie Fresh explained his his

decision to Cash Money Records.

"Now its me

myself and I, doing big things," Mannie Fresh said. "I left Cash Money

because of money, scratch, moola. "I move on if something’s not right.

I had to do my thing, because it wasn’t right. I still holla at everyone. I

still get along with them dudes. I still look at them like brothers, I wasn’t

raised like that. Its just a growing up thing and I had to move on."

Mannie Fresh has

since gone on to start his own record label, Chubby Boy Records.

B.G. and Juvenile

also appear on the Smack DVD, stating that they the label because of financial

mismanagement by Cash Money co-CEO and artist Bryan "Baby" Williams.

B.G. was the first

to leave, claiming he had never received a royalty check for any album released

before 1998.

The second to leave

was platinum recording artist Juvenile, who for reportedly only received half

of the tour money he had accumulated over 4 years. The rapper also claimed he

had not received proper payment for his quadruple platinum album, 400 Degreez.

He returned to

Cash Money records in 2003 for $4 million to release Juve The Great and

later inked a deal with Asylum/Warner Music Group, as did B.G.

Mannie Fresh worked

with B.G. on the hit "Move Around," taken from B.G.’s latest album

The Heart of Tha Streetz: Vol. 2 (I Am What I Am).

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