Sales Double For Jacob The Jeweler’s Sneaker Collection

After successful

spring debut, sales orders have doubled for Jacob the Jeweler’s Fall 2006

J & Co. Sneaker Collection.

Jacob The Jeweler,

long time provider of customized jewels to the Hip-Hop community, launched the

J & Co. Sneaker Collection in June 2005 with partner SneakerLuxe, LLC with

executive Kedar Massenburg and fashion entrepreneur, Brian Krauss.

Several major retailers, including Downtown Locker Room, Underground Station,

Finishline, Dr. Jays, and Sneakervilla, have doubled orders of the new line

which is targeted to a younger demographic with a competitive pricing strategy.

“We are excited about the sell-through potential of our new line,”

Massenburg told “Our retail partners have been very supportive

and are equally excited about the launch of a competitively-priced J & Co.

branded sneaker.”

The collection

is available in six styles consisting of three looks and retail between $125-$150.

The sneakers are also highlighted by full grain leather, metallic stitching

detail and the original J & Co. time zone watch logo.

Jacob the Jeweler’s signature shoes have been featured in numerous magazines

and such celebrities as David Beckham, Mary J Blige, Tyrese, Mariah Carey and

Jamie Foxx have worn the shoes.

The Fall 2006 J & Co. Sneaker Collection will debut in stores in July.

Jacob the Jeweler

pleaded not guilty to money laundering charges in a Manhattan Federal Court

on June 15. He was accused of laundering $270 million dollars for Black Mafia

Family (BMF), charges he has vehemently denied.

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