Fat Nick Sentenced To 12 Years, Rap Defense Doesn’t Hold Up

Nicholas "Fat

Nick" Minucci was sentenced to 15 years in prison yesterday (June 17). Minnuci

was sentenced for fracturing the skull of another man, while using the word n***ER

in June 2005.

Queens Supreme Court Justice Richard Buchter chastised Minnuci, who fractured

a black man’s skull with a bat, while uttering the racial epitaph. Minnuci

was convicted last month for robbery and assault as a hate crime, for chasing

and beating Glen Moore, who admitted he and two associates were in the Howard

Beach neighborhood to steal cars.During

Minucci’s trial, he claimed that he had not used the word in a racial sense, but

was using the word as used in some Hip-Hop vernacular as a greeting.In

June, the defense called Harvard Law Professor Randall Kennedy, who is African-American.

Kennedy authored the book "N—er – The Strange Career of a Troublesome Word"

in 2002. He

confirmed both forms of usage of the word in popular vernacular as he traced the

history of the word for jurors."This

defendant lacks judgment, is brutal and vindictive" said Supreme Court Justice

Buchter, as he sentenced Minnuci, who denied he was racist."Many

black people think I’m racist now because of the way the district attorney made

me," said Minucci. "They made me to be a monster, which is nothing of

what I am. This had nothing to do because Moore was black. This had to do with

me going to defend a friend."Moore

labeled Minucci a "wretched person" for striking his head with with

a bat. "What ticked me off is that every time I read the paper or saw you

on the news, you seemed arrogant and unremorseful," Moore said.According

to the New York Daily News, Minnuci was already on probation for shooting paint

balls at two Sikhs outside a temple, as they were on their way to pray for 9/11

victims. He

was also given probation for his role in the stabbing death of a 15-year-old boy

in 2002. The boy later died in an unrelated subway incident under mysterious circumstances

before the case went to trial.

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