Eminem Turns ‘Re-Up’ Into Album, Shoots Down Proof Tribute Rumors


Eminem will introduce new music from Stat Quo, Ca$his and Bobby Creekwater on

an upcoming album Eminem Presents: The Re-Up."So

much wrong information has gotten out," Eminem said about reports of the

project. "It’s time to set the record straight." According

to the multi-platinum rapper, the project started off as a mixtape, but has since

blossomed into a full-fledged album, to be released on his Shady Records imprint.


of putting it out there rough and unfinished, I thought we should add some other

new tracks, make it a real album, and put it in the record stores to give these

new artists a real boost," Eminem explained. Eminem,

who executive produced the album, also produced most of the songs contained on

the album. Production was rounded out by Shady’s newest producer, The Alchemist.The

first single and video from the new album is "You Don’t Know," which

features Shady’s Ca$his and Eminem and G-Unit’s 50 Cent and Lloyd Banks.The

rapper shot down tracklistings and reports that have appeared on the internet

claiming that the mixtape was a tribute to slain D12 member Proof."The

D12 album and those unreleased songs with Proof are coming," Eminem stated.

"But The Re-Up is about these new artists and these new songs. It isn’t fair

to them or to the memory of Proof to mix them up."

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