Game’s NJ Business Partner Charged With Laundering Money For Bloods

More trouble could

be brewing for Compton, CA rapper The Game, as his business partner in the Atlantic

City-based Black Wall Street East recording studio was arrested and charged with

money laundering on Friday (Nov 17.) John

"Johnny Hooks" Abbey, 38, was charged with laundering over $100,000

for the 9 Tre Gangsters, a dangerous faction of the Bloods street gang that is

engaged in criminal activities throughout New Jersey. Police

raided a house in Little Egg Harbor New Jersey and a construction company Abbey

was invested in. Police also searched the offices of the Black Wall Street East,

but declined to reveal if The Game, was a suspect in the investigation. "The

investigation has led us to various financial tools used by the gang to finance

their operations and to move proceeds of their crime," state Division of

Criminal Justice Director, Gregory Paw told the Star Ledger. "It was a significant

issue for us to learn how they have infiltrated legitimate businesses and used

sophisticated techniques to finance their endeavors."Abbey

was charged with first-degree racketeering conspiracy and held in lieu of $750,000

bail. He faces up to 20 years in prison if convicted of the charges. The

Black Wall Street East was launched in October of 2005 with Game, a former member

a Los Angeles faction of the Bloods.According

to the Game born Jayceon Taylor, other Black Wall Street facilities were scheduled

to eventually open in New York, Atlanta, Miami, Detroit, Chicago.In

related news, The Game must appear in court on Dec. 12, to answer charges of impersonating

a police officer in New York. The

Game’s latest album Doctor’s Advocate is in stores now.

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