Snoop Dogg’s Arraignment Delayed Today

Calvin "Snoop

Dogg" Broadus appeared in court today (Dec. 4) to answer charges of carrying

a 20-inch collapsible baton in his luggage at John Wayne Airport in September.


rapper was flanked by security guards and his lawyer Donald Etra when he appeared

in court for less than an hour. A

judge postponed Snoop’s arraignment on the charges until January 24. Snoop

Dogg, 35, will remain free on $150,000 bail. "Snoop

enjoys the presumption of innocence just like everyone else,” Etra told reporters

as Snoop Dogg left court. The

charges stem from the September 27 incident at John Wayne International Airport,

when security found the baton hidden in one of the rapper’s carry on bags, as

he attempted to board a flight for San Francisco. Snoop

Dogg told police that the baton was a prop for a movie he was filming. The

rapper will also appear in court December 12 to answer charges of illegal drug

and gun possession, after he was arrested in Oct. 26 at Bob Hope Airport in Burbank.

On November

28, Snoop Dogg two associates was arrested in Burbank, CA, after a performance

on The Tonight Show with Jay Leno. Police

stopped the rapper’s vehicle and found a handgun and small amounts of marijuana

and cocaine. Snoop

must appear in court on Jan. 11 to answer the most recent charges.

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