9/11 is a Joke?!!

“9/11 is a Joke?!!”

With the political climate rising in response to the voice of the people during the mid-term elections, a last minute debacle from John Kerry threatened to potentially thwart voting outcomes with more of his ‘Kerry-smatic’ gift/curse of public speaking. This time though, it wasn’t overwhelming dissertations that Bush exploited as much as it was Kerry’s over-simplified banter. In an attempt to slam Bush, Kerry fumbled a botched joke on the 1-yard line. Pouncing on an ill-thought out turn of events, the GOP ran the length of the field towards their own red zone; spinning the comment of a man who served in the Vietnam War into a slight against our troops in Iraq.

But where were Bush and his cronies’ concern for disparaging comments against our soldiers back in 2004 when Bush delivered a deliberate joke about our inability to find Saddam’s weapons of mass destruction? Is that what the catalyst for a three-year war warrants: opportunities to make cheap jokes?!! It’s hardly a joke and it has definitely proven itself to be anything but cheap.

Let’s put this into perspective, though. If this war is, in fact, in response to the Twin Towers attack and the presence of WMDs, why would Bush make light of it? Are the American and Iraqi people on the outside of some elaborate joke? If so, is it one with a punchline which, much like Dave Chappelle’s stand-up, is killin’ us softly? More to the point: Is 9/11 a joke?!! It brings to mind the AHH editorial written last month that so accurately juxtaposed the frivolity of Hip Hop’s current minstrel ‘Flava of the month’ to the significance of his past as Public Enemy’s hype man.

Thanks to such gesturing jesters, a stain’s been placed on the meaning of a movement within Hip Hop and the relevance of a moment in American history. Fifteen minutes of fame and a few obligatory chuckles for such low brow foolishness? Pardon me for not laughing, but I’d rather savor a moment of silence and dignity.

“The Flavor of Love and War:

An Upstanding Stand-up to Low Brow Comedy”

Like the plague that is Flava Flav

I’m sick of this war waged in

Abu Ghraib patriot games.

It’s a paper chase that plays with the stakes

of pride and prejudice.

From the haze of blatant mistakes

To the graves of a faceless race…

The warfront’s an abhorred front –

a heinous charade of timeless decadence.

This war’s left a stain on

a history of substance

Like Flav’s done with the

Enemy of the Public.

It’s created a commiserate misery

for those who love its testament.

To harness the memory

of a beloved subject

And maraud its energy

simply corrupts its cov’nant…

It’s a dishonest injustice –

what type of clown plunders such relevance?

What type of minstrel pixie

Whistles Dixie so simple and crisply

While pilferin’ strictly to gratify self-indulgence?

Such bittersweet flavors of governing

Quite literally favors the shrubbery

That savors the flavor of lovely themes

ratified by wealth in oilrigs.

As the oil on the canvas runs amok,

it piles on drums of treachery

That smack of smut and muck

that sullies the 9-1-1 legacy.

Political pythons numb us as

they test and squeeze the faith of man.

Bush and his delegation of lames

on Air Force One

Are the snakes on a plane

full of airborne stunts…

Their war tour’s a front –

full of fake revelry like ‘snake in a can.’

If a snake in a handbag’s

worth two in a bush

And this bad gag near

Baghdad’s an intuitive push,

Then this intuition’s an initiative of Bush –

it’s his 2-4-1 special on piracy.

1 strike for a feud between

two asinine rulers.

1 price for fuel taxed with lies –

that’s a twofer…

All to pacify fascist-minded looters

full of festival irony.

Padded high with false facts of life,

Their tactics devised

bastardize Bush’s family ties.

What a crafty line! –

that joke just primes and sells itself?

You can’t craft a grander design

That demands outlandish

laughter in the wry…

It’s like pantomime –

the punchline fails to be felt.

Though not at odds with the paramedics,

What I’ve catalogued bears its essence.

The heir’s barometric –

the tension’s too thick to be satirized.

Thanks to an arrogant president,

Terror’s a permanent fixture of American vestige

That grants fear an apparent residence to be naturalized.

Such a monstrous auspices

Is a fraudulent sponsorship.

Yet it’s flossed and flaunted with

gaudiness to resurrect and disrespect it.

They’ve corrupted an iconic mantra

That embodied the resolve of The Contras…

As idiotic calls paused the shot clock

with nine-elevenths seconds left in it.

All that for a few extra

seconds of limelight.

All that for extra concessions

of high crimes.

Refreshment, in hindsight,

only awakens what’s dead.

Why dredge up sacred memories

Just to pledge us safer misery?!!…

They’ve bled us for the sake of liberties

that they’ve taken instead.

But like any great delivery premise,

We won’t get it ‘til the liberty’s finished.

‘Til then, we’ll vividly grimace at pitiful wit.

In fact, just for the hell of it,

Bush laughed at his negligence…

For his lack of intelligence,

I’m takin’ stabs at the President

to tickle his ribs.

I’m Curious how George tactlessly peddles.

It’s a furious forge of

laughably retractable mettle.

He’s not a tactical fellow –

he’s practically a barrel

of breeding monkeys:

When it comes to cheap laughs,

he’s actually a credible performer.

As a fear monger, he conjures

African peril and paranoia…

Heralding sordid propaganda

like feral green monkeys.

If this rant can’t sink in

or goes over your head,

It links to a joke that

Jeb’s older bro said.

Kerry’s joke poked

at that Bonehead –

dissin’ troops wasn’t

his true intention.

But as often as GWB

messes up elocution,

He’s made jokes about WMDs

with perfect execution…

He’s a reckless nuisance –

fueled with rude perdition.

From inappropriate jokes

of a dolt and jester

To misquoted pokes

from an opposing heckler,

Which roast suits soldiers better –

blunt force or innuendo?

This division is senseless

like Esau and Jacob.

They’ve invented a system

that seesaws a nation…

US defenses are eclipsed with

Hee Haw at the apex

from such a contorted crescendo.

We’ve got a circus

of media flea markets

And a surplus sequence

of flee bargains.

We now carry the esteemed target

of warheads and joke butts indecently chidin’.

Bush fooled us once

and proven us fools again.

Give a fool a gun,

and he’ll shoot to no end…

We’re the proof decoded –

we’re the reason Mona Lisa’s smilin’.

From the essence

of such erred precedence

Seeds of dissension are

impaired with decadence.

The flare of precious vents

collapses beneath the pressure.

When armed with a badge

of apparent negligence,

It’s a daunting task to defeat

such terrorist pestilence…

So who cares if a Mexican’s

status is illegally sequestered?!!

Besides, what type of person

honors the guilt from

Such an onerous build-up

With the somber filth of dirty jokes?

We’ve got dirty bombs

leavin’ soldiers smoldered

Over tones of blown composure…

Such overexposure

of condoned blurbs I interpret as boast.

The most insulting satire seen

Is how Bush and Cheney

toppled a tyrant’s deeds

With the same army they

slighted to flee the Vietnamese.

Such exit strategies by the leads,

Yet no exodus for their dying dynasty?!!…

Now that’s irony! – done entirely

with freedom to reprieve their greed.

What’s the difference

between Bush’s cabinet

And good, established

gags like those in Laugh-In?

The hook is adlibbed as they

make up crocks with tomfoolery.

To back bunkum blusters,

they use the Good Book as a laugh bit,

And attack with bunker busters

That can’t hit the broadside

of Bin Laden’s den…

This is tragic shtick –

who still laughs at ‘Sock it to me’?

It’s a different time and

different era, see?!!

More significant lines

for sicker, endeavored deeds.

For inclement weathering –

brainstormin’s the best defense.

My slicker’s slicker than Jeopardy –

the answer is:

‘Loose change redeemed from GW’s receipts.’

The Riddler-delivered questioning:

‘How’d we know Hussein’s regime had WMDs?’…

G-dub, freeze – now lay dormant

and rest the defense.

© 2006 Reggie Legend

Steel Waters, Inc.


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