Exclusive: Rock Group Nice Peter Explains Song ’50 Cent Is A P***y’

As the feuds in

Hip-Hop seem to be at an all-time high, rock band Nice Peter is currently raising

eyebrows because of choice words aimed at superstar rapper 50 Cent in their new

song, “50 Cent is a P***y.” In

the lighthearted single, the rock band takes jabs at 50 Cent with lyrics like,

“Straight from the streets to the limousine, started off with just his

bullet holes and a big dream/ hooked up with Eminem and Dr. Dre, now he’s

gotta his own f**king video game. Yeah, b***h what, I’m calling you out/

you’re about as gangster as the chick from No Doubt.” Consisting

of lead singer and acoustic guitarist Pete Shukoff and drummer Kristen Regester,

the two-piece band from Chicago insists that their new song shouldn’t be

taken too seriously. “The point of the song was just that, I think

I was listening to an interview about him and he had just come out with a CD,

a movie and a video game all at the same time,” Shukoff told AllHipHop.com

in an exclusive interview. “I think the thing that bothers me about 50 Cent

is that I don’t think he is necessarily a positive image…[but] it’s

a funny line between being serious and not being serious. ” Ironically,

Nice Peter is taking the same marketing approach that 50 Cent used for his debut

album Power of the Dollar, which featured the funny, but abrasive

single "How To Rob."50

Cent’s song, which was intended to be a lighthearted record, focused on stealing

jewelry and money from various rappers and celebrities.As

a group, Nice Peter has toured internationally, performing various commentary

songs with titles like "The Bush Song," "F**k Guitar Center,"

"Cell Phones," "Spanglish" and "Tru Gangster."

“We try and poke

fun of things and maybe say some things and have some opinions,” Shukoff

told AllHipHop.com. “I mean what I say in the song, but I don’t necessarily

think 50 Cent is a p***y. I think if I met up with him in a bar, he’d take

me out pretty quickly.” Shukoff,

27, was trained at the famed Improv Olympic (iO) in Chicago. iO alumni include

Mike Myers, Chris Farley, Vince Vaughn, Andy Dick and other famous comedians.

He said

the feedback the group has received from "50 Cent is a P***y" has been

positive. Nice

Peter is currently working on a yet untitled LP, which is scheduled to hit

store sometime next year.

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