Police: Grudge May Have Been Reason Carl Blaze Was Gunned Down

Police are doubting

reports that Power 105.1 DJ Carl Blaze was the victim of a robbery and are now

exploring the theory that an old grudge may have been the reason the DJ was shot 13

times early Thursday morning (Dec.7) in New York. Officials

said DJ Carl Blaze worked a party at the X-Bar in the Bronx Wednesday (Dec. 6).


dropping friends off, Carl Blaze headed to an apartment located at 578 Academy

St. in Inwood, where he was shot 13 times and stripped of his necklace. Now,

police are seeking to question a New York area woman named "Ivy." According

to reports, Ivy is a 20-year-old rapper. Police claim the 30-year-old DJ was gunned

down in the foyer of her apartment. A

witness at the scene told police Carl Blaze, born Carlos Rivera, grabbed Ivy’s

leg outside of her apartment door after being shot numerous times and yelled out

"Ivy! Ivy!." The

woman calmly replied ""Carlos, you’re going to be OK. You’re going to

be all right." DJ

Carl Blaze is still in critical condition at New York’s Harlem Hospital.

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