AHH Stray News: Mobb Deep Show Violence, Beat Street Closes, Cena Vs K-Fed


recent overseas concert by rap duo Mobb Deep turned violent when an overzealous

fan allegedly got into a scuffle with security at the club where the show was

held. According to reports, the incident occurred Friday (Dec. 15) during a Mobb

Deep performance in Belgium. The fan began fighting with security after being

kicked out of the VIP area of the club. According to sources, a the fan returned

to the venue with friends after leaving the club and the collective sprayed the

VIP area with bottles, injuring G-Unit member 40 Glocc. The rapper received a

cut on his hand after one of the bottles ricocheted off the wall, hitting him.

A brawl ensued, yet Mobb Deep and 40 Glocc left the club safely. The Belgium show

was one of a series of performances on Mobb Deep’s European tour. Mobb Deep will

appear in Athens, Greece tonight (Dec. 20), Dublin, Ireland on Thursday (Dec.

21) and Munich, Germany on Friday Dec. 22). Once the tour wraps, 40 Glocc will

return to the United States to promote his upcoming mixtape. The DJ Whoo Kid hosted

project will hit stores in January. Popular

Brooklyn record store Beat Street has officially closed its doors, citing a downturn

in record sales. According to reports, the legendary store, which was opened in

1995 on Fulton Street, could not compete with the Internet, a trend that has also

forced the shutdown of numerous mom and pop stores and majors like Tower Records,

which will close all stores by the end of 2006.

WWE champion rapper John Cena is preparing for a battle, with Britney Spears’

ex-husband and rapper Kevin Federline. Cena and Federline will brawl at WWE’s

New Year’s Revolution event, which takes place on New Years Day in

Miami. Federline, who has said he hates his nickname of K-Fed, recently issued

a challenge to Cena. "The real Kevin Federline never backs down from a challenge,"

Federline said on Monday Night Raw in Washington, D.C. "Make all your jokes,

because New Year’s Day I’m the one who is going to be laughing. Oh yeah, Cena,

my name is not K-Fed, it’s Kevin Federline, b***h, and I want some and I’m gonna

get some."

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