‘The Wire’ Earns Critical Acclaim, Cast Members Expand into Hip-Hop


compelling stories and a diverse line up of actors, The Wire has become

the must-see show, according to critics and fans of the HBO series.The

popular drama, which has been praised for its realistic portrayal of inner city

life in Baltimore, has been called the best show on TV by numerous publications

including Time and Entertainment Weekly.The

Wire recently made EW’s list of the top 10 TV shows of 2006. The

series, according to critic Gillian Flynn, is "a wrenching, brilliant indictment

of pragmatism and complacency, but it’s never miserable to watch…the

actors are flawless; the writing is lined with empathy, insight, and quick, shocking

slaps. Never has a good gutting been more appreciated."As

viewers prepare for The Wire’s upcoming fifth season, two members of the

show’s cast are spreading their wings with pursuits into music.Wood

Harris (Avon) is putting the finishing touches on his first untitled rap album,

while Idris Elba, (Stringer Bell) is opting to make his mark as a DJ."Actually

[my album] is getting mixed right now. My mixer on there mixed [Dr. Dre’s]

The Chronic album just to give you an idea of how dope it’s gonna be,"

Harris revealed to AllHipHop.com. "It’s just fresh, eclectic, diverse, kind

of like Cody, but not at all and I do all of the music."As

for what fans can expect musically from the release, Harris stated the project

would be "a mixture of Hip-Hop" that will incorporate his classic rock

influence. "It’s

got real music in it, real things in the lyrics," Harris said. "Not

like diamonds. A little bit of money talk just because you come from no money

to making money and you start talking about it."As

Harris prepares to invade rap circles, Elba’s foray into DJ’ing is one

of many things the actor has on deck for 2007."Next

year is a heavy year for me, man," he said. "I got five films. I’m not

in television anymore. I’m in the film world. The DJ thing is taking off for me

nicely and I’m gonna put together a DJ album.""I

just gotta do my thing," Elba continued. "I got a foundation I’m trying

to start for Sierra Leone, which is where my parents are from. My next movie is

coming out Feb. 14, Valentines Day. It’s called Daddy’s Little Girls, Tyler

Perry’s movie."While

Harris’ future is secured with musical endeavors, fans are wondering whether

Avon will be seen again on the The Wire. "No

need to worry," the actor said. "You’ll

see Avon next year, season five."

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