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There isn’t a whole lot going on with the rumors! It’s a new year, what can I say? Make something up? I don’t do that. They had a lot of fun down in Miami though. I’ve seen that AJ, Scott Storch, T.I., Latifah, Andre Harrell, Solange & Kelly Rowland, celebrated the New Year at the DELANO. I heard Usher and Jamie Foxx chilled out with Pamela Anderson Lee in Las Vegas. On a side note, Usher and his purported girlfriend, stylist Tameka Foster, were seen at the Vegas gala and other events. I hope she doesn’t mind Pam Lee putting her hot mouth on Usher’s ear. Its not that hard out here for a pimp.


Christina Milian is another Miami lover. She is looking forward to having a very beneficial 2007 and has her musical plans laid out. I wish that for her as well. On her blog, she said:

“Haha, for real I feel blessed to have y’all as fans & friends. ’07 is gonna be great year, I wont let you down 🙂 and I wish nothing but the best to all y’all. However you’re ending the year… think of ’07 as a fresh start for even bigger & better things. Continue to follow your dreams and love what you do. Always know that god (or whomever you believe in) has got you! There’s a greater plan for us all – don’t ever give up. For nothin!!!! Follow your heart, have faith and stay true to yourself. 🙂 Love y’all! Please be safe tomorrow night and have a great time!!!!! Always truly yours, Christina. *PS, I know I said it before but I go back into the studio in a few days… I’ll surprise y’all and keep up with ya as I record. Muah!”


Well, I managed to get some additional information on Syleena Johnson. It seems that she is with child, even though she’s relatively early in the term. She’s reportedly plotting to get married in the upcoming months to her loving fiancee. Another nice rumor to start the year off.


Check out Killer Mike’s promise to himself in 2007. “My New Year’s resolution is always to do my own s**t in music, and push my own company. I left Purple Ribbon and I’m doing just that. Wish a n***a luck,” KM told AllHipHop.com. Good luck!


…But I heard that Justin Timberlake might be rollin’ with Scarlett Johansson. Now, this Scarlett babe is like one of the prettiest something in Hollywood. Anyway, the rumors say that something might have happened with them, even though Justin already has a girl named Cameron Diaz. Do you think he put his “junk” in a box and gave it to her for X-Mas? On the side, I’m hearing that Justin and Cam might have broken up before Santa Claus paid his visits. They say that Justin and Scar brought in the New Year together.


Once you party with somebody and show your withered cooch, you should be friends for life with somebody, right? Not Britney Spears! I heard she is no longer cool with Paris Hilton after the pair were party hopping like it was nothing. Brit apparently no longer wants to be seen in public with Paris and that it’s a business decision. A-HA! Paris didn’t take it in stride. In fact, she neglected to invite her to a Christmas party and now calls Brit “animal.” I wonder what she calls the rest of us? Paris had a good old time in Sydney, Australia, which is where she brought in the New Year.


I heard “Mini-Me” (Verne Troyer) checked into a rehab center for alcohol abuse.

Anybody see MC Hammer rockin’ at James Brown’s funeral? James definitely influenced more people than any other artist.

MOP is still with G-Unit and will appear on some upcoming releases from the clan.

Even though The Game wants peace, I heard Ras Kass isn’t trying to hear that balderdash these days! He’s got a new diss on the way, from what I’ve been told.



Who shot Cam’ron? Nobody is talking, but Cam’ron had a press conference in January.

Mr. Mitchy Slick and Young Hootie!

Pimp C came home in 2006!

Juvenile protested the post-Katrina treatment in his video for "Get Ya Hustle On."

AllHipHop.com took a trip to New Orleans for this song is dedicated to the people devastated by Hurricane Katrina. Juve had plenty to say and heard there might have been some corporate blackballing.

Grouchy Greg and Steve Raze were found kicking it with HOT 97’s DJ Absolut and up and coming rapper Nucci Reyo at Mashonda’s party in 2006.

Christina Millian smiles pretty at Baby Phat’s show in Bryant Park during Fashion Week.

Johnny Nunez captured this picture of T.I. and Goapele!

Grillz by TV Johnny and Paul Wall

Even in February, Nas knew Hip-Hop was dead. Just look at his face!

The Funk Master (Flex that is)!

2006, WE LOVE YOU!

2006 HAD A BABY NAMED 2007! Time to grow up fast, kid – LETS GO! Click here for all the rumors of 2006! I ain’t recappin’ a dag-on thing!

They keep us talking, but if we stop talking about them then they should worry!


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