School District Bans Mac Dre Imagery On Clothing


featuring the late Bay Area rapper Mac Dre has been banned in Riverbank, Calif.

due to the slain rappers “glorification of drug use,” educational officials

told the San Jose Mercury News.Riverbank

Unified School District board members voted unanimously yesterday (Jan. 9) to

ban clothing bearing Mac Dre’s image or brand name at the district’s

only high school, Riverbank High. Mac

Dre’s clothing was added to a long list of banned names and labels that the

school district prohibits from the dress code.School

officials said Mac Dre’s popularization of the word "thizz, " which

is street slang for the drug ecstasy, was the reason the rapper’s image was banned

from the school.According

to Riverbank High’s principal Ken Geisick, none of the high school’s

students have been disciplined for having possession of or using ecstasy in the

last four years. Geisick

also told the Mercury News that images of other popular Bay-Area rappers

are still permitted on clothing. Administrators

review the school’s dress code policy every year. Other

phrases and brands on the banned include "eight ball," "Joe Camel,"

"Nor Cal," "Rolling Hard," "Sol Beer," "south

pole" "vato loco" and others.Officials

noted that many of these phrases and images are prohibited because they are affiliated

with gangs.Mac

Dre was gunned down in Kansas City, Mo., in 2004 while returning to his hotel

after a concert performance.

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