Kanye Confirms TV Series With HBO, Clarifies Plot

Kanye West has

confirmed that he is working with Borat director Larry Charles and producer

Rick Rubin to produce an untitled television series for HBO.West

clarified the television show’s subject matter and denied that is was reality

series. “I

wouldn’t do something as cliché as a reality show,” West said

in a statement. “At least give me the credit for being more creative than


said that he has been developing the pilot for the past two years with Charles

and Rubin, who co-founded Def Jam with Russell Simmons in 1984. “It’s

a situational half-hour comedy," West said. "It’s fictional, and

loosely based on my life." Charles

has served as an executive producer for hit HBO shows like Curb Your Enthusiasm

and Entourage, while Rubin is well known for his pioneering work with

artists like Run-DMC, The Beastie Boys, LL Cool J, The Geto Boys, Johnny Cash,

Neil Diamond, Slayer and others.At

last year’s Prime Time Emmy Awards, HBO earned the most Emmy Awards out of any

television network with 26, and West hopes to achieve similar success with his

television series. "Maybe

this will give me the opportunity to spazz out at the Emmys one day,” West


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