Nate Dogg Claims Suge Knight Owes $10 Million In Back Royalties

Superstar R&B

crooner Nathaniel "Nate Dogg" Hale is seeking a legal judgment preventing

bankrupt Death Row Records founder Marion "Suge" Knight from discharging

an alleged $10 million dollars in back royalties. In

documents released by Court TV’s website, Nate Dogg, born Nathaniel

Hale, claims that Knight was the owner and president of Death Row Records.The

complaint claims Knight’s other companies, including Suge Music and Suge Publishing

are not "separate legal entities from Suge, the individual, or Death Row

and are not legal entities at all, and Suge and Death Row are the true identity

behind these empty shell identities."Using

these companies, Knight is fraudulently using Death Row Records to acquire and

"exploit valuable intellectual property rights" of Nate Dogg through

making false statements as to the rapper’s contractual status with Death Row.


the complaint claims that Nate Dogg was not listed or named on the schedule filed

by Knight in bankruptcy court and that Nate Dogg had no knowledge of the deadline

a judge

set in September of 2006, to file a claim against Knight’.Nate

Dogg claims that his recorded association with Knight began around 1993 (his debut

was on Dr. Dre’s The Chronic) until the present and that Knight has never

accounted to, or paid Nate Dogg the amounts he was entitled for various hit records

he released during his association with Death Row Records. When

Nate Dogg inquired about his royalties, he alleges that Knight responded with

threats of physical violence, claimed that no profits were generated by Death

Row and falsely stated that Nate Dogg would eventually be paid. As

a result Nate Dogg, who has contributed to over 60 chart singles, is seeking no

less than $10 million dollars from Knight personally.In

the complaint, attorney’s for the singer stated that Nate Dogg can’t remember

if he ever signed a contract with Knight, but if he did, Knight would have been

solely responsible to for receiving, collecting and administering royalties. .


filing also states that Death Row continuously refuses to provide an accounting

of the amount of records sold that featured Nate Dogg.

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