Plies Discusses Label Politics, New Album


to never make himself a victim of label drama, Fort Meyers, FL rapper Plies is

taking charge with a forthcoming album and his record label, Big Gates Records.The

company, which Plies co-owns with his brother, represents another chapter for

the lyricist. He plans on releasing a string of artists on the label, but not

before learning a bit more about the music business. "I’m

that motherf**er who considers myself a realist," Plies told

"I like to make sure all my seeds are planted right and once I get my situation

right I’ll start looking for talent." "I

don’t wanna have n**as signed to me and n**as waiting to come out in two or three

years because I would never be cool with that," Plies said. "I would

never do the misfortunes of locking up motherf***ers and signing them and stringing

them along. I ain’t into that as a business man."As

for his current recording home Slip-N-Slide/Atlantic Records, Plies is adamant

about handling his own business, rather than leave it in the hands of label personnel.


the standpoint of me, I believe in me," Plies said. "I’ve created a

situation that has been unheard of in the streets. For me to be getting $15,000

a show to be doing packed shows and having 2,500 people is an abnormal situation.

This s**t don’t come around every year, so I believe in me."Plies

new untitled album is scheduled to hit stores on Slip-N-Slide/Atlantic in 2007.

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