Beanie Sigel’s Probation Lengthened By Judge


Sigel’s probation lengthened by JudgeProsecutors

extended probation for Philadelphia rapper Beanie Sigel yesterday (Feb. 21), due

to what a prosecutor deemed a “technical violation” of his supervised

release on gun and drug charges, stemming from a police chase in April of 2003.According

to the Philadelphia Daily News, Sigel, 32, failed to inform his probation officer

that he was recently stopped twice by Philadelphia police while in the company

of convicted felons. The rapper also tested positive for codeine and morphine

in a Dec. drug test.The

offenses led U.S. District Judge R. Barclay Surrick to extend the term of Sigel’s

probation, set to finish this summer, until early next year.Sigel

was pulled over by Philadelphia police in April 2003 because his vehicle’s

license plate was covered. Soon

after being stopped, Sigel sped off; inciting a chase where he threw a .45-caliber

semi-automatic pistol out of his car, which later, was found to be stolen. After

police ended the chase they discovered a variety of prescription drugs and a small

bag of marijuana in Sigel’s car.Sigel

was sentenced to a year in prison and a fine of $25,000 by Judge R. Barclay Surrick,

who granted him some leniency for his “post-arrest rehabilitation” and

charitable works in the urban community. Because

of his guilty plea to the charges Sigel originally faced a sentence of 37 months

in prison under federal sentencing guidelines.

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