Possible Set Back For ‘Street Dreams’ Tour Date Due To Drug Bust

The Street

Dreams Tour featuring headliner Young Jeezy, Jim Jones, Rich Boy, Lil Wayne and

Fat Joe, has suffered another possible set back, as a man affiliated with a Cincinnati

promotions company promoting the event was arrested over the weekend, when police

found 64 pounds of cocaine in the trunk of a car. The

Cincinnati Enquirer reports that Joel Gomez, 31 and Vernon Garnett, 25, were

arrested when police found the drugs, worth an estimated $2.9 million, in the

vehicle they were traveling in.Police

also found found a gun in the car and passport applications. Garnett and Gomez

were charged with drug possession and drug trafficking. Garnett

is affiliated with local company Garnett Entertainment, a company that is promoting

the Mar. 23 date for the Cincinnati stop on The Street Dreams Tour, which is slated

to take place at the US Bank Arena.The

date also features several artists on the Garnett Entertainment label, including

Cross, Showtime and Tocka, who recently released his first music video for the

single "Down Da Way."Garnett

Entertainment is an independent record label that was established in 2001 by CEO

Alex Garnett and VP Gerald Tucker.The

company is also promoting the the "Nasty Nati All You Can Drink Remy Martin,"

which is also slated to take place at the US Bank Arena on June 4.The

Street Dreams Tour was recently the subject of scrutiny by the city of Providence,

RI. The

public’s safety came into question by the city’s Board of Licenses during a public

hearing, due to Jim Jones’ affiliation with the Bloods street gang. The

show was approved, but security has been increased for the Providence, RI show,

which takes place Mar. 29.

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