Arrest Warrant Issued Foxy Brown

Legal problems continue to mount for rapper Foxy Brown.

The Miami Herald reports that Florida judge Joel Lazurus issued a bench warrant Thursday (Mar. 22) for the rapper (born Inga Marchand) after she was a no show in court to answer charges related to her dispute in a beauty supply store.

According to the arrest report, the incident was sparked after an employee at Queens Beauty Shop told Brown it was time to go since the business was closing.

The rapper, who was using beauty products in the store’s bathroom, refused to leave and allegedly threw hair glue at the employee and later spat at a man who called 911.

Brown also allegedly struggled with a police officer who responded to the call.

Brown was charged with battery and resisting arrest without violence in Feb.

She was released on $1,500. Brown’s attorney, NY State Sen. John Sampson, was participating in the legislative session and was unreachable.

The warrant issue is the latest in a string of legal incidents for Brown, who pled guilty to a probation violation earlier this month for leaving NY without permission from her probation officer.

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