50 Cent Says Young Buck May Be Out, Violator Says He In


Cent sparked controversy when he appeared on the "Miss Jones in the Morning"

show on Hot 97 yesterday (Apr. 4) and spoke candidly about his relationship with

various artists on his G-Unit label, confirming that R&B singer Olivia had

been dropped and that other artists on the label may not have his full support.


made sacrifices constantly for the entire G-Unit [roster]. At this point, they

gotta do they thing now. It’s their second album, everybody. If they don’t deliver,

then they don’t actually work," 50 Cent said.50

Cent also revealed that Young Buck, who released his critically acclaimed album

Buck The World on Mar. 27 and moved over 140,000 copies during its first

week, may be out of the G-Unit collective. 50

Cent said that he was considering booting the G-Unit member from the collective,

due to his attempt to make peace with two of 50 Cent’s rap enemies – Jadakiss

and The Game. "In

a prior interview on the Angie Martinez show he [Young Buck] made references to

being his own man and his decisions to try and make friends with people who I

have issues with and I hold him in the same space that I hold Game in," 50

Cent said. "If I got issues with somebody and we down with each other, you

got issues with them. Since then, The Game has released a record and dissed him

again. That just shows you."Prior

to being released from G-Unit, The Game attempted to mend beefs with a variety

of 50 Cent’s detractors, including Jadakiss, Fat Joe and Nas. Due to his

actions, 50 Cent booted The Game from the collective in Mar. of 2005 and sparked

one of the most infamous feuds in Hip-Hop history. Last

month, Young Buck revealed to AllHipHop.com that he and various rappers agreed

not to disrespect each other in their music, as a starting point to ease tensions

in the rap community. Any

agreement between Young Buck and The Game has been shattered since a Mar. 20 incident

involving G-Unit member Tony Yayo and the 14-year-old son of The Game’s manager,

Jimmy "Henchmen" Rosemond, owner of Czar Entertainment. On

the recently released track "Body Bags," The Game disses the entire

G-Unit collective and addresses the incident, in which Yayo allegedly backhanded

the 14-year-old for wearing a Czar Entertainment t-shirt. Yayo

was arrested and charged with misdemeanor assault and will appear in court on

Apr. 25. During

the interview, 50 Cent denied all involvement in the incident involving Rosemond’s

son and claimed the publicity surrounding the assault was an ongoing part of The

Game and Rosemond’s ‘G-Unot’ campaign. "He

didn’t hit the kid," 50 Cent said in defense of Yayo. "I don’t even

know if he was there. It’s the same group that put together the ‘G-Unot’ campaign.

Why would you ban 50 if I am not involved in the actual situation? It’s showing

that it’s from the same camp, with the same intentions. When it comes to civil,

you don’t have to worry about G-Unit. You have to worry about the J-J-J-J-J-Jew

Unit. When the lawyers come out, we gonna see what it is."50

Cent’s manager and Violator CEO Chris Lighty denied that Young Buck was out of

G-Unit and said "it was just a late April fools joke. 50 Cent has a twisted

sense of humor," Lighty said.

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