Philadelphia Police Union Seeks Dismissal Of Firefighter Because Of Anti-Police Lyrics

Philadelphia police union officials are outraged at what they’ve interpreted as anti-police lyrics from city fire fighter and rapper Rodney Jean-Jacques.

Jean-Jacques, who goes by the stage name of Cal Akbar, rapped about turning “pigs into bacon bits” on an untitled song that was released to the Internet last week.

Akbar, who is a member of the group Larsiny with rapper Cassidy, was also featured on the Ruff Ryders compilation Ruff Ryders Vol. 2 Ryde or Die Boys.

With gunfire blaring in the background Cal Akbar raps: I got a surprise for them cops I hope the news is taping this/ ’cause I’m gonna turn pigs into bacon bits.

The Fraternal Order of Police is seeking that Cal Akbar be dismissed and Bob Eddis, the president of the local Fraternal Order of Police chapter has deemed Jean-Jacque’s lyrics a “disgrace.”

According to a source Cal Akbar is remorseful and claims that he did not post the song.

Ironically, only two years ago a song by Cal Akbar entitled “Take It Outside” became the theme song for a national fire prevention campaign.

Turning “pigs into bacon” may be some of Cal Akbar’s lighter material.

On the grim “Pray 4 Death,” a song featured on the Larsiny Records website, Cal Akbar raps: So how much is yo mama worth/I cut her throat so deep that I’ma hurt.

Cal Akbar’s solo album Hard Water was released through Cal Akbar’s company Larsiny Records last year and his latest record Sin City Volume One was released earlier this year.

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