Pastor Defends Daughter’s Raunchy Dance With Akon


pastor and father of a 14-year-old girl has defended his daughter, after she engaged

in a raunchy dance with singer Akon.During

a tour stop in Trinidad, Akon and the girl engaged in a dance that simulated aggressive

sexual acts on stage in front of a rambunctious crowd. The

act has sparked controversy as the video footage was spread across the world on

a variety of online video platforms. Pastor

Dave Alleyne of the Flaming Word Ministry of Chaguanas told The Trinidad Express

that his daughter was not in control of the situation."She

likes dancing and won a competition," Alleyne said. The girl was one of seven

females that joined Akon on stage to compete for a chance to dance with the Senegal-born

singer. Pastor

Alleyne did describe the dance of his 14-year-old daughter and Akon as "atrocious."


Alleyne has been criticized sharply by his Chaguanas ministry for not expressing

more outrage at sexually charged way he danced with the girl. "They

are innocent to the wicked ways of the world and it is our responsibility as elders

to keep them safe," Alleyne said. Many

in his church want Akon banned from public performances in the area. In

the video, the crowd is seen cheering on both Akon and the girl to dance the way

they did. This

isn’t the first time that Akon has been caught on tape dancing in this way. Online

video networks also distributed a lewd dance with actress Tara Reid to Akon’s

smash hit "Smack Dat." In the video, Akon playfully smacked the Hollywood

actress on her gluteus maximus and was then sandwiched between the singer and

another man. At

press time, there was no comment from Akon or his representatives.

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