Young Jeezy Presents U.S.D.A.: Cold Summer-The Authorized Mixtape

Jeezy’s CTE Movement has been strong since the beginning.  The Snowman has bolstered a movement that has swept the industry and that has a hand in how it now works in regards to mixtapes. He has now taken on the task of every successful rapper—putting his crew on.  Since the Trap or Die days, the foundation began for USDA’s latest effort Cold Summer: The Authorized Mixtape (CTE/Def Jam).  This time around the crew, including Slick Pulla and Blood Raw, are sharing the weight with Mr. 17.5.Cold Summer takes a break from the more serious side of Thug Motivation and The Inspiration and focuses on the essentials (sex, drugs, money, ballin’, etc.).  The first single, “White Girl,” is an ode to what the whole clique supposedly was moving before the record deal.  The rest of the album is filled with energy-driven material that allows the other members of CTE to shine.  Songs like “Focused”, “Check” and “Get it Up” stays true to the overall concept.  “Corporate Thuggin’” is another standout track that lets Jeezy get his first and barely allows room for anyone else.  With no big name producers or collaborations, the crew really holds their own and manages to keep the attention of their listeners for the most part.  Blood Raw emerges as an entertaining figure and Slick shows he is more than capable of being a hypeman.Part of the drawbacks of sticking to the script is that you don’t offer enough of everything.  There is no solo Jeezy or Slick song on here.  There is also a lack of those two combining on a track like they have in the past.  The subject matter does wear thin with songs like “Pam” and “Quickie”, songs that sound like they were made for the ladies more than the rest of the album.  Cold Summer has its strong points, but it could have been much colder.

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