This is classic, if this has even a shred of truth. On the day the iPhone hits the stores, I heard there was a certain retail outlet in Cali selling the pricey & revolutionary device. Well, I heard that the Game graced Hawthorne with this aura and he was looking to cop an iPhone like the rest of the people in line. The Game doesn’t do lines! So, Game was so enamored with the piece of machinery he was looking to buy that he pretty much ignored some of his fans, who were not happy campers. Now, I heard that the workers attempted to cater to Game by giving him a detailed rundown of all the iPhone’s features. Only thing is, the crowd or something else in the store was a bit too much and Chuck Taylor reportedly demanded to be allowed to cop. I guess he would figure it out later. Fans were disappointed…and I guess that’s the life of an entertainer. (Word to MC Rell and the Houserockers.)


On a side note, I heard the guys that developed the iPhone touch-screen technology were from the University of Delaware! Ain’t that a kick in the head?




It just occurred to me that Amy Winehouse should have been a performer at the BET awards. I guess Robin Thicke filled the quota. Anyway, if you follow Amy like I do, you know that she is on the covers of the current issues to both Rolling Stone and SPIN magazines. I actually pick up both of these on a regular. I heard that Rolling Stone (or Spin) is furious, because they supposedly secured the rights to the exclusive interview. While both mags penned very good stories, they were also pretty similar, because of Amy’s love of her hubby Blake. Anyway, I hope Amy doesn’t get too crazy with this love thing. Clearly, this Blake is the centerpiece of her music so it might be necessary for him to break her heart for us to get some more good music. How selfish.




I presented this in a poll a week or so ago and you all told me that the Labels control Hip-Hop. Watch AllHipHop Direct and see what the rest of the world is saying. Also check out interviews with Ebro of Hot 97, Pharaohe Monch, Ice-T, Twista, Yung Joc,  and Kanye’s wacky new daft punkish video. 






My boy Chris dropped a little dime for me to pick up. Anyway, he said he worked an event hosted by Jennifer Lopez at the Monkey Bar in Manhattan.. Many celebrities were reportedly there including Fabolous, Ashanti and an assortment of others. My girl Kim Kardashian arrived at the spot with DJ Clue, but I heard she actually left with Pharrell. According to this gossip, Kim K. spent the whole night basically under Skateboard P’s little arm. Hmmmmm….when Kim K. wants her man, she gets him!




After all these years, people still love my girl Amil. From what I heard, Amil can’t be in a Macy’s of New York, because she isn’t even a resident of the city. I did hear something I’m not supposed to tell…she’s working on a new album. I heard something else, that she lives down in North Carolina and she’s got a crew of rappers too. Anyway, best wishes.




I heard Blu Cantrell is hard at work on a new album. Bout time. (I have to admit a number of people told me Blu does porn, but I think that’s a reference to her old career in print.)


Huey and some new artist named Rhome are dissing Nelly and J-Kwon? First of all, Huey is a new artist, but I digress – they are dissing. Isn’t it about time for a new Nelly project?


All my myspace friends, I am trying to add people, but it’s not easy. Sheeesh…be patient!


Is there some beef between T.I. and G-Unit? More than a few people saw T.I. appear to refuse a dap from Tony Yayo. It could be that Tip was into his performance at the BET Awards.


Those mediatakeout people are saying that R.Kelly stole that “Same Girl” song.


Shout out to M. Maddox from the Northside of Wilmington , Delaware!


I don’t think this is old, but from what I’ve recently gotten, Tony Thompson of Hi-Five died sniffing Freon. This is something they call “Freon Huffing” and that he had a history of doing this. RIP!






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