Al Sharpton Targets “Ho’s” In New Campaign

Reverend Al Sharpton and his National Action Network will hold a 20-city tour to protest the word “ho” in popular culture.


The tour kicks off in major cities in the United States on August 7 and will feature 100 women in each market, protesting the word, as well.


“First of all, the ones that are being attacked are Black people,” Sharpton told in a previous interview. “We are being called n***ers and women, who they call ho’s and b****es….we’re reacting to an attack….they exploit our pain, they’re not expressing our pain.”


In May, Sharpton led a protest “Decency In Hip-Hop” march and rally, calling for standards within Hip-Hop music.


During the rally, Sharpton called for similar bans on the “n word” and the word b***h.


The 20-city tour is aimed at media entities who use the profane words over the airwaves, while advancing the equality and civil rights of African-Americans.

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