Christian Audigier: Rise And Shine

Christian Audigier set trends with his crystal-laden, detailed designs. There aren’t many celebrity events where you won’t see a signature Ed Hardy cap bearing shimmering skulls and crossbones, a flaming tiger or a studded geisha girl. The stars need to have their favorite Ed Hardy designs wherever they go, and Christian Audigier makes it all happen.


While he may be a man of few words, Mr. Audigier knows the importance of impactful design. We got some one on one time with him to discuss the Ed Hardy line and its relationship with the world of Hip-Hop. Tell us how you began in the fashion design industry.


Christian Audigier:  I started working in a clothing store in France, from there I was given the opportunity to design and have been doing so ever since. How are things in the fashion design world going for you so far in 2007? 


Christian Audigier: A lot of what I see is the ideas being done over and over again. I like rebels, people who are willing to take a chance and try something new. There are some great designers out there doing some amazing things. You were with Von Dutch at one point; can you describe the transitions that took you where you are now? 


Christian Audigier: I left Von Dutch to have more creative freedom, and [to] show the world I could do it a second time. We see your designs in a lot of boutique shops. Where can people get Ed Hardy?


Christian Audigier: You can get them any time day or night at  You can also go onto and look at the store locator to see where the clothing is sold in your area. What do you see as the difference nationally as far as fashion and fashion retail goes? 


Christian Audigier: In America, most people think fashion starts in Los Angeles or New York.  I disagree with this idea. The Mid-West has its own style that I see even in L.A. Who are your regular celebrity customers?


Christian Audigier:  From Buster Rhymes, Missy Elliot, Diddy, Lil Jon, Lil Kim, Ludacris to Gilbert Arenas. It’s amazing! The line is prominent in the Hip-Hop world. Can you tell us your thoughts about this?


Christian Audigier: Without the world of rap, this brand would not be in the front seat. Any big plans for 2008- 2009 that we can look out for?


Christian Audigier: My first Restaurant, maybe a hotel. What do you consider your greatest accomplishment of 2007, and what will be your goal for 2008?


Christian Audigier: My greatest accomplishment for 2007 is that my company is in the front seat. For 2008, we want to be center stage. Tell us what the prize design of your career has been or will be?


Christian Audigier:  Every design is important to me. Dressing Nelly or walking down the street and seeing someone wearing one of my hats is a great feeling. What does it take for an upcoming designer to expose themselves to your company?


Christian Audigier: Go to the website; get a feel for what we do. 



Nikki McComb is the CEO of The One Marketing Group, based in Minneapolis

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