Foxy Brown’s Mom Speaks Out Against Assault Charges

Foxy Brown’s mother has proclaimed her daughter is innocent of assaulting her Brooklyn neighbor, in a dispute that allegedly started over the volume of the 27-year-old rap star’s car stereo.


Brown, born Inga Marchand, was arrested and charged with assault last Tuesday (August 14) for smacking her neighbor 25-year-old neighbor in the face with her Blackberry in July.


The latest charge against Brown has prompted The New York Probation Department to officially file a probation violation with the court, against Brown.


“She said ‘Let’s fight now that you’re alone b**ch,'” Foxy’s mother Judith Marchand told The New York Daily News. “My daughter pushed her away and may have brushed her with the phone. She knows something like this could compromise my daughter’s probation so she thinks she’s going to get money out of her, but she’s not going to get a cent.”


Raymond claims Brown had approached her before the assault, in a local pharmacy where she works.


She claims Brown flashed a wad of money in her face and called her a “low life b**ch” that would “never be nothing.”


The women eventually crossed paths on July 30, as Raymond was walking home from work in the Prospect Heights neighborhood of Brooklyn.


Brown allegedly attacked Raymond and smacked her with the Blackberry, bruising her face and loosening her tooth.


Brown, 27, is currently on probation for attacking a pair of manicurists in Manhattan.


In March, she pleaded innocent to two misdemeanor charges, stemming from a scuffle at a beauty supply store in Pembroke Pines, Florida.


In that incident, Brown was in the state of Florida without the consent of her parole officer.


She was arrested for allegedly spitting on a beauty supply store owner, who attempted to put her out of the store at closing time.


Brown was also charged with resisting arrest, when an officer called to the scene had to employ a “take down maneuver” to subdue Brown, who pleaded innocent to charges of battery and resisting arrest without violence.


Brown faces a year in prison if she is found guilty of violating her probation.

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