Diddy’s Unforgivable Ad’s Deemed To Racy For MTV

A new TV advertisement for Sean “Diddy” Combs’ fragrance Unforgivable may not run on MTV, after the network censored the commercial due its provocative content.


According to the New York Post, the new spot features Combs and model Jessica Gomez lustfully embracing each other in a hotel room and a stairwell.


During the spot, Combs pulling up Gomez skirt and putting his hands under her dress. In another scene, a woman holds Gomez’s breast and pulls down her underwear.


Executives at MTV objected to the racy spot and sent Combs a list of edits to make to the commercial before it is allowed to air on MTV.


So far, Combs has refused to edit the commercial.


In January of 2006, a print advertising campaign for Unforgivable was rejected by numerous retailers across the country, who refused to display the ads because they were too “raunchy.”


The controversial print advertisement featured a half clothed Combs in bed with a white and an Asian woman, giving the appearance the the trio had just had sex.


Estee Lauder, the company that creates and markets Unforgivable, defended Combs from critics of the 2006 campaign.


“Who has the ‘too sexy ruler’ to decide what is offensive and what is creative?” asked John Dempsey, global president of Estee Lauder. “It was unfortunate that some people were so uncomfortable with something with so much sexual presence, but we stand by it.”


Combs was not available for comment as of press time.

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