Rick Ross Helps Launch ‘Hip-Hop Grub Spots’; Rapper Gives Back For Thanksgiving

Miami bred rapper Rick Ross and San Francisco 49ers Running Back Frank Gore have teamed up with21st Century Hustle Magazine to launch a new franchise of restaurants named the ” Grub Spot” with the first location opening in Miami, Florida.


The Hip-Hop Grub Spot is a themed, healthy fast-food global franchise which features healthy snacks, wraps, sandwiches and energy drinks created by collegiate faculty, students and alumni from both Florida A&M and Johnson and Wales Universities.


Hip-Hop Grub Spot co-founder and CEO Denise Fonseca Gomes hopes her concept will attract major investors.


“Venture capital is missing in right now. What you find in is a strategy to create artists [rappers] as brands, then management approaches major corporations to use these brands to market products and services for product placement opportunities. We are offering venture philanthropy as an alternative to this industry practice as a more profitable long-term solution, where a percentage of proceeds will be spread to charities around the world.”


Ross agreed with Gomes’ assessment and theorized that creating businesses opportunities would help the community-at-large.


“The best way to stop the violence, crime, and broken homes in the community is through creating jobs and business opportunities, ” Rick Ross stated about the venture. “We are doing that along with Grub Spot and I am glad to be a part of this.”


In addition to promoting healthy eating, the Hip-Hop Grub Spot will also incorporate student executive/entrepreneur training, in-store video gaming provided by Microsoft XBOX and the sale of DVDs, mixtapes and apparel.


“I bought Rick Ross’ album in 2006, because I identified with ‘Everyday I’m Hustlin,'” San Francisco 49ers Running Back Frank Gore said in a statement. “I wanted to support a entrepreneur from Miami that went through the same struggle I did as a young black male from the inner-city. I knew that once Rick Ross made it, he would be in a position to help others. I am also in the process of starting a foundation to make it possible for other urban youth entrepreneurs to attain the ‘American Dream’ of home ownership, college education, and owning your own business.”


Additionally, Ross’ Rick Ross Charities has partnered with the Hip-Hop Grub Spot to feed the local community on Thanksgiving, by distributing dozens of turkeys to families in Miami who are in need.


The turkey give away is scheduled to take place on Saturday, November 17, 2007 in Miami Gardens at grand opening of the first ever Grub Spot.

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