Ludacris Gives Away Turkeys, Supports Senior Citizens

The Ludacris Foundation continued it’s Thanksgiving tradition, helping underprivileged families in the Atlanta area celebrate the holiday properly today (November 20).


This year, the foundation is sponsoring a turkey giveaway at the New Piney Grove Baptist Church in Decatur, GA, where an estimated 500 local families in need will receive Thanksgiving turkeys, along with the other necessary provisions for a traditional Thanksgiving dinner.


“We’ve been doing it for the last five years,” Ludacris told “We always go to a different part of Atlanta, trying to help as many people as we possibly can and trying to get sponsors and get people involved. I hadn’t been over to the Eastside with the Thanksgiving thing yet. So this year, we’ll be in the Dekalb/Atlanta Metro area.”


The rapper is also organizing Thanksgiving dinner specifically made for 450 senior citizen in the area.


“The whole thing is just being involved, helping out those who wouldn’t be able to have a normal Thanksgiving,” Ludacris said.


The Grammy Award-winning rapper and actor went on to explain that the Foundation, helmed by his mother Roberta Shields, extends its mission by supporting other organizations with similar goals.


“It’s not necessarily all about just what I’m particularly doing with the foundation. We also assist other organizations in helping out in the same cause,” an effort that extends beyond Thanksgiving, Ludacris said.


In keeping with the Ludacris Foundation’s motto of “Helping Youth Help Themselves,” and Luda’s own desire to inspire his young fans, the Fred Clause star states that he keeps his daughter directly involved with his charitable initiatives.


“I bring her with me to teach her how fortunate she is, and to instill in her that as she gets older, it’s her duty to give back.”

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