Hip-Hop Rumors: Usher is a Father! Foxy Is Out of The HOLE! Kim Gets Robbed!

The rumors from earlier TODAY – Hip-Hop Rumors: Star and Buc Wild Return To NY Radio! Kim Disses Remy! RZA Addresses Wu “Beef!”

Also, check out the disco videos – you know you love it!


I think I mentioned to you all that Foxy was thrown into solitary for getting into a shoving match with a person way bigger than her. Well, she is out if you haven’t seen it all over the rest of the world. At any rate, you know they are trying to get her out of jail by the time Christmas roll around. Foxy isn’t a bad gift for us to receive. “Our lawyers have filed an application for an early conditional discharge. Foxy fits the criteria, we are waiting for the decision,” manager Chaz Williams told AllHipHop.com. We’ll see.


Rumors abound! They are saying that Kim Kardashian was set up by some unscrupulous people at JFK Airport in New York. Apparentlym Kim had an insane amount of diamonds and other pricey items in her luggage as she attempted to fly to Las Vegas. The missing stuff included about 50 grand in jewels, a laptop and a digital camera. What’s on the laptop? What’s on the camera? I am…I mean the paparazzi is waiting to see what pops out of that situation.


I am hearing good news from the Usher Camp! The rumor is spreading that Usher and Tameka had a baby last night and it’s a boy. Shout out to the new parent[s]. I’m pretty sure she has other kids. Anyway, Usher knows what he wants and he got it and then some…Congrats!


Oprah has removed all references about Dr. Jan Adams from her site. You don’t play a role in a women’s death and not feel the wrath of Oprah.

The Game is a regular on tmz. Here is the latest round of goof-off footage. Even Don Magic Juan shows up with his green kicks. Click here.

If you want those lime green kicks that The Game just signed in the above video…CLICK HERE.

Shout out to Quiet Riot, they lost Kevin DuBrow, who once played guitar for the group.

Good lord! Has it been a YEAR since Sean Bell was killed on his wedding day? YES. Click here for an article and a reminder that s**t is still very real.

If you care about Joe Budden, you are probabley going to go goo goo over the Mood Muzik 3 preview. Click here for Mood Muzik 3: The Worst Preview. Trust this, Budden has some stuff to say about his time away. Read it and I will comment tomorrow.

YESTERDAY’S RUMORS! Hey, it is a lil’ light today, but I have a few rumors for now and a few coming up. Jay-Z’s Ghostwriter? Dolemite Goes Gospel? Rapper Robbed? The Mystery Missing Father! Cam’ron Takes Two Girls For A Ride!

Oh yea – Shout out to bossip for getting a write up in GQ magazine. I’m next with a suit on!


They keep us talking, but if we stop talking about them then they should worry!


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