Project Pat: Walkin’ Bank Roll


Memphis’ Project Pat puts forth his fifth solo effort Walkin’ Bank Roll (Hypnotize Minds/Koch) with heavy influence and production from the newly crossed over Three 6 Mafia. This album gives you that signature Ten-a-key influenced syrupy flow laced with hard core drug references and money stacking.


The opener “Rubberband Me” gives you that Project Pat of old.  He spits “I’m a walkin’ bank roll you can rubberband me.” Unfortunately this is the basis of the entire album.  He spits about Rolexes, big dough, and cocaine with no real artistry in sight. The strongest track “Don’t Call Me No Mo” features Three 6. This track can easily morph over into heavy rotation play replacing his previous radio hit “Chicken Head” with its catchy hypnotic flow. The back and forth argumentative hook between Pat and some random chick is laced with Paul and Juicy’s creative touch making this one certifiable.


The production on the album is solid. Heavy southern beats and horns are ever present courtesy of Juicy J and DJ Paul who produced the entire album. “Talking Smart” featuring Pimp C revisits the mundane pimp vs. hoe narrative. The flow on the track is somewhat creative, but doesn’t live up to being a real classic.  


While most rappers talk about the love of their gun, we journey through a different dynamic of chemical love with “Powder.” Pat spits, “At the room with my snow bunny and we blowin’/Got her girlfriend with her to and she goin’/A school teacher ball and she just started hoe’n/Good powder have you hittin’ broads like you rollin’.” The listener has to be high to really relate to the song.

Other tracks that spark a bit of interest are “See You Fall,” “Good Weed,” and “Bull Frog Yay.” Clearly Pat has love for the hustle but still falls short when it comes putting together a solid project. With all of the coke snorting, pill popping, and drug dealing at least we know his dope is good.

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