Hip-Hop Rumors: Lil Wayne Disses Clipse & Dates illseed’s Girl?


Part 1: Hip-Hop Rumors: Diamond Leaves Crime Mob, Beef Finds Jay-Z! Lauryn Goes Back To School!

Part 2: Hip-Hop Rumors: The Real Reason R. Kelly Fell Out With George & Regina Daniels?

More rumors later….


This is pretty corny, but the truth of the matter is..Jay-Z and Beyonce partied all night yesterday. I know, “big deal,” but I have to tell you. They say B & J were seen coming out of the Spotted Pig way early yesterday morning. According to reports, they were merely having a private party that left B a lil’ tipsy.  There is also a rumor that Beyonce might actually take her career left and do a country CD next (remember the AMA’s?). Does that mean she won’t be working with Timbaland? I hope not.


Well, here is the formal word: Ras Kass is down in Miami recording songs for his new album. Now, here is the rumor – again. I’ve gotten more details rumors on Ras. I heard that Ras got busted on a parole violation. I heard that technically he is not allowed to leave the state that he’s paroled in. Typically, you can leave if you get permission. From what I understand, Ras got busted when he taped the cipher section of the BET Hip Hop Awards. His P.O. got word (or saw the show) on the traveling and violated him. From what I understand, Ras is in for a 6-month violation, but should serve about three. From what I understand, that means he’ll be out in about two months.

I believe that to be the truth, but you never know.


Tell me I am not on the same accord as Snoop! I posted all those old videos from the 70’s and then he drops “Sexual Seduction,” which looks straight out of the 70’s! On the celeb sightings tip, Snoop attended a party thrown by Pharrell of the Neptunes. Check out the video. Snoop is the man for this.


Wiz from Nas’ Bravehearts recently saved his own daughter’s life by giving her one of his kidneys. I’m not sure as to what was the issue with Wiz’s daughter, but her daddy was the only compatible doner they could find. He told New York-WABC, “It was a no-brainer. My daughter needs it and I’m compatible. I just did it. I didn’t think twice.” Anyway, Wiz supposedly wants to get back to making music. I wonder if Nas will hook him up now that he’s taking the term “brave heart” to a new level. The doctor said this kidney should last about 20-30 years.


Lil Wayne and Lauren London might be dating? That would be a travesty of mankind and proof that rappers get girls off status, not looks. What the hell?! Anyway, I AM hating if that’s true. Click here for the pic.


Oh boy!

Yesterday, In Touch Weekly got it popping after they reported that J.R. Rotem and Britney Spears were going to have a baby. Apparently, Brit was telling people this news, but J.R. confirmed that she was indeed preggers. Turns out, it was all a big, fat lie. There is no new baby and these stars need to get it together. IF you have time to start a rumor, you can go to driver’s ed.


I don’t see that there is any beef between Diamond and the rest of Crime Mob. Good deal.

Race car driver Lewis Hamilton of the UK and Naomi Campbell are supposedly an item. Kinda boring. They were spotted in a car and supposedly outside of a hotel.

For the upteeth time, Jason Whitlock is a pawn and he’s not genuine. I will have to son him.

I heard George Daniels may be speaking on the R.Kelly stuff, but I have no confirmation right now.

Just a bit of positive R. Kelly press. My homey Nathaniel told me that he saw R down in Mexico and he was very cool and humble.

Rick Ross got his wig and beard pushed back. Ross was supposed to drop on Dec. 4, but that’s not happening.

Jay-Z’s 40/40 Club in Vegas is all set to go. I heard he’s going to christen it at the ceremonial opening on Dec. 21.

I don’t know if you saw the reports, but it said that Baby of Cash Money was married to an 18-year-old woman. Baby is 38. But Baby has already shot that down, claiming false media. He also denied any wrong doing in his arrest in marijuana possession.

I heard Jive Records is HEATED that Britney won’t promote her new CD. Word is, they have a replacement lined up in model/singer Samantha Jade.


Foxy Brown (New York Metro):

“I probably cried the entire Thanksgiving. I spoke to my entire family, but I was boo-hooing like a baby.”

Lil Wayne on The Clipse (Complex):

“I thought the whole ‘Mr. Me Too’ video was about me, to tell you the damn truth. They think I want to be like them. I’m on a million-dollar bus going around the world charging people from $50,000 to $150,000 for verses, and I got 77 songs in magazines and I got a billion more. Do the math; you think I’m trying to be like you? No sir.”


Remember Tay Zonday aka “Mr. Chocolate Rain?” I see he’s back…with “Cherry Chocolate Rain.” Something ain’t right. Oh…it’s a commercial. Blah!

I don’t know Tay…suspect!


They keep us talking, but if we stop talking about them then they should worry!


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