Saturday Morning Cartoons With Illseed – Part 3

Let me run this down, I love cartoons! Well, not so much now as I used to, but they are deep in my heart! Now, there are some that I loved and there are some that others loved. This is dedicated to the people that gave me their suggestions when I didn’t necessarily love or remember the cartoon.

Now, I had to study some of these for history and relationships to others. Now, we can talk about it, but my views are just that – mine! I welcome all of the views. Let the story begin…

Also, all the folks requesting the funny cartoons like Tom and Jerry and The Flinstones…I GOT YA BACK next week as I get deeper than the sea floor traveled by the mantis.

Click here for the first installment of Saturday morning cartoons and Click here for the second installment.


“Grandizer” (Force Five) is a cartoon that I never heard of before, but realized that I probably should have. Thanks Vaughn. This reminds me of the Shogun Warriors and, after I did my research, I found out HE WAS! The Shogun Warriors were toys and they consisted of Grandizer, Raider, Gaiking, Raydeen, Great Mazinga and Dragun. Great Mazinga was my homeboy, but no hate to Grandizer. Check out the cartoon below.


OK, quote a few cats requested Tranzor Z in this cartoon series. Well, if you took a gander at the previous cartoon, you would realize why I didn’t even bother to mention Tranzor Z! HE’S A FRAUD, A FAKE, A PHONEY! He always reminded me of Great Mazinga actually so I had to hate on him! Fast forward to 2007. It looks like Tranzor Z was the American translation of Great Mazinga. Compare the two and tell me. (I didn’t know – I was a kid!)


GREAT MAZINGA (In this, Mazinga Z gets destroyed and soon becomes Great Mazinga)


Now, I admit I have debated on “Plastic Man” for a couple of weeks now. I have to admit that he’s another biter and that Reed “Mr. Fantastic” Richards of the Fantastic Four came first. Shout out to Sue Storm, Johnny Blaze and Ben Grimm. Anyway, check out the one and far from only “Plastic Man.” (Shame on D.C.)


Bones Two send me this one on Hulk Hogan! Hulkamaniacs standup!


Hulk Hogan reminded me of Mr. T so, I’m not going to front on my homey, Mr. T! In fact, read this interview of Mr. T from back in the day on

THE NEWER ADVENTURES OF MR. T…this is a parody that I decided to include. “I’m back and I need work!”


I got nothing but love for Space Ghost, who is the man. He’s so dope that he went from a super hero to a talk show host later in life. Check him out right here. Word to Jace and Jan.


I have to admit, I was never into this so much, but since Randy V.A. was, I gotcha bck homey.


No hate to the Silverhawks, other than this is where the Americans step in to the picture. It was clear that this was created for Americans. Nothing wrong with that, but it had clear Japanese influences. All good. Check them out! (Shout out to Nefarious Villain!)


Here is a five-minute clip of “Star Blazers” when they used their “wave motion gun.” Homey, nobody wanted it with the “wave motion gun.” It was so strong, it could blind you if you didn’t have googles and then destroy a whole island! Check it:

THE X-MEN – This got the juices flowing!Come on! Give me some of the ones you want to see in the next one.


They keep us talking, but if we stop talking about them then they should worry!


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