AllHipHop Staff Picks—12.2.07

I put my lifetime in between the paper’s lines, I’m the quiet storm ni**a who fight rhyme. P yeah you heard of him but, I ain’t concerned with them.  Ni**a I pop more guns than you holding them. Make my route while the sun’s out and scold your men. Unload ten, in broad daylight, get right, f*ck your life; hop on my ninety-eight dirt bike. You try to stop mines from growin’, I’ll make your blood stop flowin’. Take affirmative action, to any ass if he asking, now here come the mack 10. You’se a d*ck blower, trying to speak the dun language. What the drilly with that though?  It ain’t banging. You hooked on Mobb-phonics Infamous-bonics, lying to the pop dog like you got it. You ain’t no wilding out for the night fist thrower, rusty shank holder. We live this sh*t.  –Prodigy “Quiet Storm” from Mobb Deep’s Murda Muzik (1999)Jamile KaroutKanye West f/ Beanie Sigel & Freeway “Can’t Tell Me Nothing (Roc Remix)””Can’t Tell Me Nothing” was already one of Graduation’s best tracks, add two Roc-a-fella heavy hitters and you have a classic remix.  Kanye switches the flow up while Beans and Freeway bring back that prime Philly flow. This is one record I’ve been listening to on repeat, it just feels right.

Kathy IandoliKid Sister f/ Kanye West “Pro Nails”This track has been circulating around the internet for a minute, but it’s big release is soon to come. By far one of the coolest collabs I’ve heard in a while. Makes you wanna get your toes done up with your fingernails matching…even in this cold weather!

Martin A. BerriosGhostface Killah “Pretty Tony (Should Of Got His Dough)”Apparently De La Soul hollered at P. Tone to get on the “He Comes” off The Grind Date. Something happened were there was a mean delay with the payment for his verse. Ghost deads the track before they can even put it out. A real spicy move by Starks and I’m with it jack. They should of just paid the kid his stacks, early. 

JigsawJoe Budden “Through The Wire”I love this song. It’s Joe Budden (again). I have to say this song is banging, because it really says that people don’t really care about YOU – they care about themselves. You might be in there somewhere, because what you do affects their life. Anyway, Budden goes through it on this oldie, but goodie. “I will never fold – I got the soul of a fighter.” I can relate.

IllseedRaekwon “SBM”Rappers need to be mavericks. On “SBM,” I believe Raekwon. Wu-Tang forever!

OdeiselClipse “Hello New World”More skill than Jeezy. More gritty than Hov. More real than Wayne. The original dufflebag boys dropped the album of 2006. Regardless of content Hell Hath No Fury had the beats, the rhymes, and the album construction all there. “And the judge is saying LIFE like it ain’t someone’s LIFE.”  If you don’t own this album then shame on you. This is one of the lesser known gems.

AquaClipse “We Got It For Cheap”Yeah, what ODeisel said. Waiting on that Re-Up Gang album.

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