Hip-Hop Rumors: R.I.P. Pimp C of UGK: A Video Retrospective


I’m only two minutes in knowing of Pimp C’s death and I can’t even believe it. I’m thinking about it and I just cannot fathom that another Hip-Hop icon is dead. I didn’t know Pimp C, but I know him. He was 33 years old. A Black man with loved ones, family and friends. People are hurting so he meant something to a lot of people.

Today, I am going to pass on any rumors and pay homage to Chad Butler AKA Pimp C.

No matter how or why Pimp C died, I insist that you all reevaluate what is important to you in life. Rethink how you want to live, how you want to be remembered. I remember a lot about Pimp C and I miss him.

To Bun B and the rest of Pimp’s family – hold your head up high.


Bun B and the rest of the Hip-Hop Nation welcome Pimp C home in “Get Throwed.” (Young Jeezy and Z-Ro are also on here too.)

Pimp C ft. Mike Jones & Bun B – “Pourin’ Up”

Pimp-C – “Knockin doors Down” uncut

I like this one a lot, because it had Pimp C talking about building with other rappers and putting the negative stuff to the side.

UGK ft. Outkast – “International Players”

UGK – “The Game Belongs To Me”

Jay-Z ft. UGK – “Big Pimpin”

UGK – “It’s Supposed To Bubble”

UGK – “Use Me Up”

Pimp C and Bun B LIVE in July 2007


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