Hip-Hop Rumors: Eddie Murphy Married? Ciara/Chingy Tape? Hav Replaing P?


 Hip-Hop Rumors: Raz B Update, The Rich Rappers, DTP’s New MC and a bunch of other crap? Yes! Crap!




 Honestly, did you really want this on here? OK, fine. I

ignored it, but you wanted it. Gossip mongers have recently spread around that

there is a sex tape with Ciara and Chingy of DTP. They say there is an

extortion plot to get a few G’s out of Ciara. Not a couple million, just a few

thousand. Anyway, Ciara supposedly wanted to be recorded for this salacious sex

tape. I guess this dispels any rumors than Chingy is gay. (And yes I know this

is old!)


 Rumor has it, Eddie Murphy, one of the kings of comedy, went

and got married to Tracey Edmonds, the beautiful ex-wife of Babyface. This

reportedly happened in Tahiti on Dec. 28th(

yesterday). Nothing is official, but if it is, they say Eddied failed to

invite many of his family members, opting for an intimate ceremony. As usual, I

wasn’t invited.



 Another old rumor, is that there is a sex tape between DJ

Clue and another man. According to mediatakeout, it’s a tape. Phone prankster Ralphige

said that Clue was caught out there with a gay brother of Steve Stoute. For the

record, I don’t know anything about Steve Stoute’s brother or his sexual

orientation or DJ Clue for that matter.

 In the mean time, Clue is doing ClueTV and he’s got 50 Cent

in the mixture. 50 Cent has a  few lil

words towards the Shop Boyz and D4L.





There was a rumor that Havoc was going to temporarily

replace Prodigy in Mobb Deep for one of the Infamous Mobb. No true.

 From what I have been told, Lil’ Fizz was not molested at

all by Chris Stokes, which could be an issue if this thing ever get to be


I never heard of A-Mafia, a member of Dipset, but I heard he

was arrested on drug charges related to moving illegal drugs.

 I told y’all a while a go, but I heard that Nate Dogg had a

stroke, but is now out. He’s reportedly recovering.

 Brandy will not be charged in a December 2006 freeway crash

that killed a woman. The Los Angeles

city attorney’s office made the announcement on Friday.

Pimp C was not murdered according to a recent report from

the LA coroner’s office. Wow. He was only 33. What are the natural causes?

 I heard Lupe Fiasco has a new enemy. At a show in Hawaii,

I heard Lupe screamed  “F**k Dog the

Bounty Hunter!” A ways back, Dog called his son’s girlfriend an n-word,

but later went on a tour of amnesty with some Black leaders.

Lastly, I want to shout out Tino Cochino from Power 106 in San

Antonio, TX. He didn’t want

this shout out, but I’m giving it to him anyway.



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