Hip-Hop Rumors: Saturday Morning Cartoons With Illseed – Part 6

THEY ARE BACK!This is the official return of the Saturday Mornings with illseed. I took the holiday season off, because people were out worried about getting gifts and eggnog or whatever. On top of it, Bill Cosby removed every single video of the Fat Albert Christmas special on the internet. That messed up my X-Mas plans. So here we are.

On the real, it has been a minute since I did this so I don’t even know what direction to take with the ‘toons so I am going to be a lil’ random. First of all, I will recap the last installments to get you back to the previous ones.PREVIOUS SATURDAY MORNING CARTOONS WITH ILLSEED! (Click the number you want)

NUMERO UNO – Nov. 17, 2007! (Spiderman! Thundercats! The Hulk! Batman! Superfriends! The Fantastic Four and More!)

Number 2 (Speed Racer, Voltron, Robotech, Go-Bots, Captain Caveman, and more!)

Number 3 (Space Ghost, Tranzor Z, Plastic Man, Hulk Hogan, Mr T., X-Men and more!)

Number 4 (The Flintstones, Fat Albert, Scooby Doo, Inspector Gadget, Pac Man and more!)

Number 5 (Smurf, Mutant Turtles, Snorks, Dragonballs, Garfield and Cliff of Heath!)


Y’all musta forgot! Kid-N-Play used to have a TV show on Saturday mornings! That’s right Hip-Hop in the early 90’s was deemed clean enough for the kids and their cereal.

Also, if you didn’t know Play was seriously wounded in a car accident. Shout him out right here.


I have a lot of respect for MC Hammer but this was some weirdness when he did the Hammer Man cartoon.


Most people in Hip-Hop think of Dangermouse and they automatically think of that DJ, start wanting to sing like Cee-Lo and go “Crazy.” But, there was a cartoon that started it all off…”Danger Mouse.”


I was never into this one, but I would seem that some people are. I got a request for this one. Click here for The Archies…yeah, Jughead and them.


I never really watched this, but I am definitely a Digital Monster so I can relate. Tell mee this wasn’t some serious stuff!


If Mike Vick had Courage, he wouldn’t be in this mess now. No pun intended.



Through the 90’s, I really liked Dextor (not a typo). I think there is a lil’ bit of Dex in us all.

More cartoons later. I’m just getting started!


They keep us talking, but if we stop talking about them then they should worry!


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