Chuck D. Joins Board of Advisors For Internet Company

While Public Enemy’s Chuck D. may not have been appointed to the President of Def Jam as he had hoped, the pioneering Hip-Hop artist continues to make strides in the digital arena, as he joins the board of advisors for Music Intelligence Solutions Inc.


Music Intelligence Solutions’ global headquarters are based in San Francisco, California, while the European offices are based in Barcelona, Spain.


The company uses patented technology that helps consumers, social networks, mobile users, artists and media companies discover and share music and visual media.


“Online services have helped address the ‘availability’ problem for music, but consumers and artists are still frustrated by a lack of ‘visibility’ to easily connect great artists with potential fans,” Chuck D said. “Music Intelligence Solutions…can solve the visibility problem better than any other technology that I have seen.”


According to Chuck D., the company’s “Music Universe” and “Hit Song Science” technology driven products that recommend songs and predicts the success of digital music and rich media convinced him to join the board of advisors.


Music Intelligence Solutions is run by David Meredith, who served as Senior Vice President and General Manager at VeriSign, the leading provider of digital infrastructure for the networked world.


At VeriSign, Meredith successfully managed the growth of the Wireless Commerce Division, which served over 150 communication and media customers globally.


“Earlier this decade, Chuck D correctly predicted the timing of one million artists going online and today that number has exploded to over 10 million artists worldwide with their own profiles on social networking sites,” Meredith added. “Having toured with Public Enemy as well as lectured at universities in 52 countries, Chuck D has a global perspective that will be invaluable as we leverage our patented music discovery offering — Music Intelligence Universe™, and unique market potential prediction solution — Hit Song Science™ to enable consumers, record labels and mobile carriers to find quality songs and artists across all genres and languages worldwide.”


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